The essence of any space arrangement in a typical formal or informal area of any home or office depends on the kind of coffee table placed along with the setup.

A context specific design of a coffee table can change the entire perception of the space as it can turn dull spaces to active and vibrant spaces, just the space one would love to be around.

Our moods get affected by our environment and hence an elegant sleek design of a coffee table can largely impact the same.

The design of a coffee table can really break or make your living room depending upon its design for a given setup.

It impacts the functional and visual character of a space so it is very much essential to pick up a right coffee table to suit your décor!

The ‘Cognate’ coffee table adapts to your needs and the space in which it is used. When there are visitors at home, the coffee table can be extended the way required as the two diagonal parts of the coffee table can slide out in two different directions.

The design have been done in a such a way that though two parts of the centre table are slided out the rest of the coffee table too looks elegant in style and design.